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XP Series Transducer

Precision Sensors XP Series Transducers are designed for demanding aerospace applications that include the monitoring or control of flight surfaces, braking, thrust reversers and landing gear actuators. With no internal seals to degrade or cause leakage, the flameproof stainless steel welded design eliminates installation effects. Polysilicon sensor technology results in the highest level of dielectric strength for improved electronic isolation. XP Series Transducers are available with an optional factory set electronically isolated switch output.



Pressure Range 0-50, 0-100, 0-300, 0-2500 Through 0-5000 PSIG
Output Voltage 0.5 to 5.5 VDC Full Scale, Others Available
Accuracy ?1% Total Error Band*,
-20?C to 85?C,
?1.5% -40 to 120?C
Proof Pressure 150% FS Up to 7,500 PSIG
Burst Pressure 200% FS Up to 10,000 PSIG
Operating Temp. Range -55 to 85?C (-67 to 185?F)
Storage Temp. Range -55 to 125?C (-67 to 257?F)
Input Voltage 15 to 45 VDC
Reverse Polarity Protected
Supply Current Less than 15 mA
Output Current 4 mA Max
Dielectric Resistance 1250 VDC, < 1 mA Leakage
Insulation Resistance Greater than 100 M Ω at 500 VDC
Optional Factory Set Switch Form C Contacts
Rated 400 mA, 40VDC
Operating Altitude Range -2000 FT to + 70,000 FT
Cycle Life 5 Million Pressure Cycles
MTBF 200,000 hrs
Response Time Less than 1 msec
  • RTCA DO-160 Qualified
  • 5 Million Cycle Life
  • Stainless Steel Construction Compatible with all Hydraulic Fluids
  • No Internal Seals

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