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Differential Pressure Switch D56M Series

This low pressure product provides performance usually associated with a larger/bulkier unit. A 2.5" dia., 2" height and low 6 oz weight allows its use in many airborne and military weapons systems where space and weight are critical. The sensing diaphragm is polymide, which provides long life and can tolerate differential over pressures to 20 PSID. Silicone rubber can be substituted for extreme temperatures. Applications include filters as well as airflow control plenums. Double containment diaphragm models are available for NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) systems.



Differential Pressure Switch D56M Series

Media - Low Side Air or Inert Gas
Media - High Side Air or Inert Gas
Type Factory Set
Sensor Type Polyimide Diaphragm
Available Settings 0.3 - 6.0 PSID
Actuation Value ± 0.2 PSID + 5% of Setting
Repeatability ± 0.05 PSID + 3% of Setting
Case Proof 30 PSIG
Differential Proof 20 PSID
Operating Temp. Range -65° to 160° F
Pressure Interface Barb Fittings
MS Fittings
Electrical Rating Up to 7 Amps
Electrical Connections Mil Connectors
Free Leads
Typical Weight 0.37 lbs
Qualification Consult Factory
Warranty 18 Months
Options Hermetically Sealed,
High Temperature
  • Wide setting range, 0.25 to 6 PSID
  • Light weight - 6 oz.
  • Modular design
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