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Differential Pressure Switch D45C Series

The 0.1 PSI accuracy of this low pressure product is accomplished by use of a welded Ni-Span-C pressure sensing capsule. This material has a "constant modulus" which provides excellent accuracy over temperature. A 0.1 PSI max on/off band is achievable with the momentary switch option. These features make this unit ideal for aircraft cabin delta-p, landing gear warning and various other air speed alerts.



Differential Pressure Switch D45C Series

Media - Low Side Air or Inert Gas
Media - High Side Air or Inert Gas
Type Factory Set
Sensor Type Ni-Span-C Capsule
Available Settings 0.5 to 15 PSID
Deadband 0.25 PSID + 5% of Setting
Repeatability 0.1 PSID + 2% of Setting
Case Proof Up to 20 PSIG
Differential Proof Up to 10 PSID
Operating Temp. Range -65° to 160° F
Pressure Interface Barb Fittings
MS Fittings
Electrical Rating Up to 7 Amps
Electrical Connections Mil Connectors
Free Leads
Solder Hooks
Typical Weight 0.37 lbs
Qualification Consult Factory
Warranty 18 Months
Options Momentary contacts
  • Small size - 1.63 Dia. x 2.5"
  • ± 0.1 PSI repeatability
  • No age control elastomers
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