Precision Sensors
Aerospace/Military Sensors and Switches

These products are used on commercial, military, general aviation aircraft, space platforms and environmentally demanding installations.

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  Gauge Pressure Switches
Measures/indicates change in sensed air or liquid pressure
from atmospheric pressure.

Gauge Pressure SwitchesGauge Pressure Switches
  Altitude (Absolute) Pressure Switches
Measures/indicates absolute pressures, airspeed and altitude.
Altitude Pressure SwitchesAltitude Pressure Switches
  Differential Pressure Switches
Measures/indicates changes between two reference pressures dry/dry, wet/wet.
Differential Pressure SwitchesDifferential Pressure Switches
  Flow Switches
Measures/indicates changes in rate of flow, and confirm the presence of flow.
Flow SwitchesFlow Switches
  Liquid Level Switches
Measures/indicates fuel and waste fluid levels.
Liquid Level SwitchesLiquid Level Switches
  Temperature Monitoring
Monitors change in system temperature.
Temperature Monitoring ProductsTemperature Monitoring Products

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