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United Electric Controls Moves Precision Sensors Division to Larger Facility  

MILFORD, CONN.—September 12, 2017 — United Electric Controls’ Precision Sensors Division is moving to a larger Connecticut facility to accommodate growth in military, aerospace and semiconductor business. Read more....

Paris Air Show  

MILFORD, CONN.—September 12, 2017 — United Electric Controls’ Precision Sensors Division is moving to a larger Connecticut facility to accommodate growth in military, aerospace and semiconductor business.

XHP Series Transducer  

Precision Sensors is pleased to introduce the XHP Series Transducer, which is designed for accurate, reliable sensing of process gasses used in the manufacturing of semiconductor products.

  • Externally Visible Operating Status Indicator
  • Compound Range Available
  • 5 Year Warranty
XHP Transducer

Valin Annual Supplier of the Year  

At the Valin annual Supplier of the Year award banquet held on February 24, 2015 in San Jose CA, Precision Sensors was recognized for Product Innovation.

Mach Airspeed Sensors  

Effective September 15, 2012, Precision Sensors Division, United Electric Controls Company, will no longer manufacture, repair or overhaul Mach Airspeed Sensors (to include but not limited to the following products: DRA45C, DRA76C, D2RA45C, D3RA45C, RA45C, RA76C and AD37C-4).

Aero Mach Labs, Inc., of Wichita, Kansas, has assumed this product line and is available to address all of your production, repair or overhaul requirements. Aero Mach Labs (AML), established in 1971, is one of the industry's most recognized sources for the repair and overhaul of aircraft instrumentation. Please access their website,, to familiarize yourself with Aero Mach Labs and their capabilities.

Your point of contact at AML is Brad Bowles, Sales and Marketing Manager. He can be reached by phone at 316-682-7707 or e-mail him at

DA79S Series Differential Pressure Switch  
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Precision Sensors now offers a version of this product with a hermetically sealed switch. This option allows use in contaminated and difficult environments found in aircraft applications. Also, custom mounting configurations are available to improve installation and accessibility. Common applications for this pressure switch include airspeed, blower system confirmation and filter status monitoring.


  • Optional hermetically sealed switch
  • Simplified installation
  • High sensitivity to pressure
  • Light Weigh
P6P Series Gauge Pressure Switch  

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The P6P series gauge pressure switch is utilized in challenging aircraft and military high-pressure applications including hydraulic systems, air-refueling systems, parking brake modules and steering valve landing gear.


  • Long cycle life
  • Seals available for most fluids
  • Rugged stainless steel piston design
A45C Series Altitude Switch  
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The A45C is our most sensitive skeletal altitude switch for use with air or inert gas. The altitude switch is used in aircraft cabin pressure systems, nitrogen radar cooling launches and many experimental rockets or balloon applications. In one balloon application, the A45C altitude switch triggers an automatic "cut down" system to release experimental equipment if a balloon sinks below a height that would pose a safety hazard to aircraft flights. At a lower height a parachute will be deployed to ensure that the payload safely reaches the ground


  • Easy to install - no plumbing to hook-up
  • Lightweight -<1.5 oz
V21F Series Flow Switch  
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The V21F series flow switch is a hermetic sealed switch designed for ultimate performance and reliability. In the M1 Abrams tank, the V21F flow switch insures that coolant flow is available to cool the crew compartment.


  • Inline mounting
  • Nonmagnetic operation
  • Pressure and attitude mountin
ETM Series Switch  
Precision Sensors is pleased to introduce a Subminiature D compatible time delay unit.  
The ETM series of electronic delay allows for easy integration of a time delay circuit to existing electromechanical switches using a D-Sub connector. The unit uses a male and female connector to plug into existing installations. The time delay circuit employs a unique concept that requires the electromechanical switch remain open or closed for a set amount of time before triggering the delay contacts. This feature increase productivity by preventing unwanted nuisance trips caused by transient and startup events.


  • Prevents nuisance trips
  • Mates D-Sub products
  • Reduces retrofit efforts
P8B Series Gauge Pressure Switch  
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The P8B's welded stainless steel construction bellows sensor makes this design suitable for flameproof requirements and for high-pressure application. In one application the P8B- pressure switch is installed on the launch chambers in submarines. It is used for nitrogen reservoir pressure control in lightweight torpedo launchers.


  • Flame Proof
  • Negative-rate belleville spring design for longer life, accuracy and stability
  • Welded bellows for excellent repeatability and low actuation values
V10F Series Flow Switch  
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The V10F series flow switch provides a convenient flow monitoring inline installation solution. The V10F flow switch is currently used in the hydraulic pump on the V22F Osprey engine air intake particle separator. And, was part of the EAPS modification kits installed in the V22F Ospreys deployed to Iraq.


  • Inline installation
  • Magnetic operation
  • Hermetically sealed switch
Next Generation EAN and EGN series Staset  

Precision Sensors is pleased to introduce the next generation EAN and EGN Series Staset Configured for 11/8" surface mount.

Available with a backlit rotating display, choice of analog output, LED indication of switch contact state, Staset® is an ideal choice for accurate long-term protection of equipment and process.


  • Tamper proof switch points
  • 5 Million cycle life
  • UL Recognized, CE Marked

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New! Integral D-Sub Connector  
For E36W, E48W & PV48W Series of UHP Pressure Products...  
E36W & E48W Series
PV48W Series

1.Select desired series using the Product Locator (i.e E36W, E48W, PV48W)

2. Click on "Configure a Part Number"
3.Select D-Sub option under Electrical Interface.
Semicon West 2008 July 15-17  
Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA  

We invite to visit us at South Hall, Booth 2724


Super 300 Type Pillar® Compatible Version of the P15M  
Precision Sensors introduces a Super 300 Type Pillar® compatible version of the P15M series of high purity pressure switches.  



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The flow through version of the P15M high purity pressure switch incorporates two Pillar® fitting ends into the housing. The specialized construction of the unit allows compatibility with higher temperatures and pressures commonly seen in applications where a Pillar® fitting is used. The flow through design allows for inline installations and minimal dead leg in the fluid system. The construction maintains all PFA and PTFE wetted surfaces and the reliable sealing system of current P15M products.


  • Flow Through Construction
  • Adjustable Setpoints
  • All PFA/PTFE Wetted Surfaces
  • No O-Ring Seals
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